Real world, customer-submitted performance measurements.  The thumbnails immediately below serve as a “clickable” table-of-contents.  (Hover over them for a brief description.)  See also, the theoretical (Lite vs. Plus) model comparison.



You can expect a 4X improvement running 12 W on 15 m at 25° C (77° F).


You can probably run 10 Watts all day on 20 meters at 28° C (82° F), whereas even 5 Watts presents a challenge on 6 meters.  Depending on the ambient temperature, running 5 Watts on 6 meters will likely require some form of mitigation, such as:  shorter transmissions; transmitting less often; orienting the radio at a “lower” angle, so that there’s better airflow across the fins; adding a fan; or a combination of these techniques.


FOR COMPARISON ONLY … note how the performance delta varies with ambient.

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