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All heatsinks ship with mounting hardware and the necessary tool
(four stainless steel screws, two Keps nuts, and a hex key/wrench).

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Prices and availability are both subject to change without notice.
Optional Hardware & Tools
  • Spare mounting hardware & tool = four screws + two Keps nuts + 3/32″ hex wrench
  • Accessory “attachment point” hardware = screws & washers for the two “future accessories” holes.
  • 4-40 taper hand tap – for repairing (internal) threads.
  • Tap tool handle / wrench.
These items travel for free when you order a heatsink.
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All hardware is 18-8 alloy stainless steel.
Spare Mounting Hardware & Tool

(4) 4-40 socket-cap screws
(2) 4-40 Keps nuts
(1) 3/32″ hex wrench
Accessory “Attachment Point” Hardware

(2) 4-40 button-head screws
(4) flat washers
(1) 1/16″ hex wrench
The two threaded holes are attachment
points for possible future accessories.
4-40 Taper Hand Tap
For “chasing” the PEM nuts attached to
the two outside heatsink mounting holes.
Tap Tool Handle / Wrench
tap handle
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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The default economy shipping method for all USA orders is in a USPS Priority Mail small flat rate box. Canadian and International orders travel by the most economical mail service of the day. Quicker, express shipping is available on request. Express postage prices on request.

Instant Check Out (for US Customers)

US customers, you can check out immediately if you are ordering one heatsink, either with or without optional accessories.

If you are a US customer …
… and you wish to purchase two or more heatsinks …
… or you only wish to purchase optional hardware and/or tools …
… then you must first request a price quote – as described below – before placing your order.

Unless you already added sufficient postage (above), please email me to request a postage quote and then add that amount to your shopping cart before checking out.  In your email, be sure to include:

  • Your name.
  • Your callsign.
  • Your KX3’s S/N.
  • Your country.
  • A detailed list of what you intend to purchase.
  • Whether or not you want to pay extra for insurance.
  • Whether you are willing to pay extra for quicker delivery.
  • The timeframe in which you want/need your order to arrive at your door (realizing that customs and VAT collection can add several days to international deliveries).

I try to respond to emails within eight hours, but occasionally my “day job” takes me to remote locations where there is no email access; for periods of 48 hours or more.

Add Your “INTERNATIONAL” Quoted Postage

When placing your order – unless you’ve already included postage using “Instant Check Out (for US Customers)” (above) – please be sure to include the amount of postage I quoted, using the three pull-down menus below.  Note that …

  • There’s no need to use the left “menu” if your postage is less than $10;
  • … nor is there any need to use the center “menu” if your postage is an exact multiple of tens of dollars;
  • … nor is there any need to use the right “menu” if your postage is an even number of dollars.
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The “item price” in your shopping cart for “postage”, will show as $0.00.  This is because the entire amount is applied to your cart’s shipping and handling subtotal.  (For some international customers this may help to reduce your VAT fees.)

The Fine Print

Terms of Sale
  • I will gladly refund your purchase if you are not thoroughly delighted with my painted or my undercoated (only) heatsink offerings, provided they are returned in new, unused condition within 14 days of receipt.
  • Contact me prior to returning your heatsink.
  • Optional hardware (screws & washers) and tools are not returnable.
  • A heatsink can never be restored to pristine condition once it has been “contaminated” with thermal grease.  Thus it is not returnable.  Any attempt to remove the thermal grease will certainly damage the Clear Chromate Conversion undercoating, exposing the raw aluminum to the effects of oxidation! 
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